Gangs Bloods Vs Crips?


The top known gangs are the Bloods and the Crips. Many stories have been told about the Bloods vs The Crips. The Gang the Crips originated in Los Angeles in the 1960's. The Bloods was form in reaction to the Crips. They both are known for selling cocaine in the 1980's. The Crips are a loose association of 200 gangs. Many of the members of the Crips have fought among themselves. The Bloods are known for their color red. The Crips are known for their color blue.
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Crips, according to American prison affiliations.
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The Bloods and the Crips, the most well-known gangs of Los Angeles, are
Some information: While most Blood and Crip "sets" are exclusively African-American (interracial gangs are still a rarity in the US) there also Asia, American Indian,some
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Rapper Tupac Shakur was neither a Blood or a Crip. The perception that Tupac was a gang member stems from the nature of some of his recordings, his connections ...
The Bloods and the Crips are two infamous gangs. There are many members, including some that pass into the realm of celebrity. They include Snoop Dog, Coolio, ...
The original name of the famed Bloods street gang was the Piru gang. The gang began its life as an anti-Crip gang in Compton, CA and the Bloods and Crips have ...
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