Gangster Nicknames for Girls?


A good gangster nickname for a girl is Mama Two Guns or Loca Female. Another good name is Street Chick.
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Bracelets,Jezebel,Angel,Brains,The Tart,Sweet Cakes,Flowers,and The
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Zeus was the name of a Don in a Russian mob. Centipiede is another. More include CHUKI,Otacon,Great White,Ghost,Beartrap,The Snake,Bolt,Blackout,Kong,Macdaddy,Big Daddy,Vender,The
Some hip gangster nicknames for girls are Goldfinger, The Witch, Bad Baby, Bad Mouth, Loving Killer & The Soft Hammer. report this answer. Updated on Saturday, February 04 2012
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Gangster nicknames should sound gangster indeed for the name's sake. They most often do not sound casual understandably so. Examples would be Jezebel, the Tart, Bracelets, Flowers, Sweetcakes.
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