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Garden Ridge is a home decor retail chain. The company was started in Houston, TX in 1979. After several changes and a bankruptcy in 2004, the company is now owned by AEA Investors. They sell a huge variety of home decorative items. Their inventory includes furniture, framed art, textiles, and holiday decorations. They do not sell online, only from their 43 retail outlets. There are several sites online that offer coupons that may be used at Garden Ridge, as well as other coupons. These coupons are verified and usually good for a specific length of time.
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1. Find your local store. The Garden Ridge website has a store locator which is useful for this purpose. Either enter your zip code to find a local store or click on your state on
Here are Deal and Coupon sites where offers exists every time U can try on these sites to to find out any coupons for Garden Ridge.
They're open 6am to midnight on Friday, 8am to midnight on Saturday and 8am to 9pm on Sunday.
Garden Ridge is in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Lewisville and several other locations. Do
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Garden Ridge is an American privately held retail chain based in Houston, Texas. Starting with just one store, then known as Garden Ridge Pottery… More>>
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