How to Troubleshoot a Garmin Forerunner 50.?


1. Enable computer pairing if the Forerunner 50 does not send data to the computer. Go to the "Train" page on the device, and hold down "Start/Stop. Press "View" to navigate to the "TxPair" setting, then press " to enable pairing. Press "View" and "
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Amazon has the lowest price on the Garmin nuvi 50LM at $89.91.
The two No. 5 Torx screws are under the label. Just peel both sides away a little and you can access these screws. Then pry open carefully with plastic spatula or something thin made
The only thing i can think of is going on ebay, or even kijiji and going to pick it up yourself. You can pay once you get there. You wont find a garmin gps for less than 120 unless
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