How do you use a wood stove?


To use a wood stove find out which wood type your stove uses, follow the directions that come with that particular kind of stove. Place the wood in the stove and light papers at the bottom of the stove fire it up. The Garrison stove was made in the 80's it was popular was used to heat up rooms and cook food.
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Install a wood stove by placing the stove where you want it with floor protection under the stove. Attach the stove to a chimney and flue system, making sure it's far enough away
A wood stove insert is an enclosed fire box with controllable air inlets. The fire box fits in the opening of the fireplace and is often designed to match the look of the existing
1. Read the directions that came with your wood stove. Ad. 2. Clean the stove, masonry and flues. If this is a new wood stove that has never been used, these areas should already
1. Measure the existing components and purchase the necessary stovepipe, connectors and installation materials and tools. 2. Remove screws (or nuts and bolts) at the appliance collar
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