Gary Smalley Personality Test?


Gary Smalley describes personality types based on four different animal types. These are the lion, otter, golden retriever and beaver. Each of these are slightly different based on characteristics of the animal.
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See below for links and text on this subject: sonality-types-lion-beaver-otter-and-golden-r. etriever/. Personality Types: Lion, Otter
Gary Smalley is a family counsellor,
Gary Smalley once did an animal personality type survey and I remember being the lion. I read on facebook today that Type A personalities may have more heart problems than other types
See below for links and text on this subject: Personality Types: Lion, Otter, Golden
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Gary Smalley is a family counsellor and the founder of Smalley Relationship Center. The personality trails are divided into four categories by Smalley. These four ...
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