How to Troubleshoot a Napoleon Gas Fireplace That Won't Stay Lit?


You can troubleshoot a Napoleon gas fireplace that won't stay lit by checking the pilot light. You can also check the gas insert. Sometimes, it is sputtering.
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Turn the pilot flame up if the main burner goes out but the pilot stays on. Inspect the thermostat or switch. If the thermostat does not correctly control the fireplace, the thermostat
why a gas fireplace will not stay lit?
Either air in the line or too much pressure , try opening gas valve half way . Source(s) rm.
To keep a good fire going it needs oxygen. Is your wood in a grate? Is
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Clean the thermocouple . If that don't work change it. It is the copper rod that the pilot light hits. A wire runs from it to the regulator . Anonymous ...
First make sure your gas is turned on and up like it should be turned. Every appliance varies a little, so make sure the gas isn't too low on it. If this continues ...
You may have air in you gas lines make sure to hold pilot setting down for about 30 sec then light ...
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