Gas Leaks Physical Symptoms?


If you have natural gas in your house and are experiencing some of the following symptoms, you may have a slow gas leak that is causing your illness. Some symptoms are: migraine headaches, unexplained illnesses in your pets, increased allergies, stomach and gastrointestinal problems, being forgetful, always tired, increased asthma, eczema, feelings of depression, pain and discomfort in your joints and throughout your body, high cholesterol, high red and white blood cell counts. Talk to your doctor and contact your gas company if you have concerns.
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Symptoms of a gas leak are the smell of rotten eggs and the smell of gas.
Breathing natural gas is unlikely to cause any serious symptoms because it is explosive when it reaches concentrations high enough to cause health effects. At low concentrations,
The gas company has added an ingredient to gas so the homeowners can smell it. If you suspect a leak, leave and dial the gas company from a location that is safe. I had a friend blow
Symptoms of people who are exposed to a gas leak
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Gas leak symptoms can be hard to tell apart from other medical issues. Other times, because the gas leak causes carbon monoxide poisoning, which is invisible and ...
Symptoms of people who are exposed to a gas leak ...
I have recently gone through being poisoned by natural gas, because my landlord refused to call the gas company to check for leaks, when I continually told him ...
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