How to Light the Bottom Pilot Light on a Gas Oven?


To light the bottom pilot light on a gas oven first turn on a light to see inside the oven. Make sure that all burners and knobs are off and children are not in the room. Remove the broiler cover on the bottom. Find the pilot which is a tube with a safety valve attached. Light a match and put it to the pilot.
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1. Turn off the gas oven's burners. Switch the safety switch to the "Off" or "Closed" position. If the gas oven does not have this feature, turn the gas supply
This refurs to a standing pilot. It does not apply for electric ignition.
With something that creates fire, or something. Thanks for Chachin!
Most modern ranges don't use pilot lights at all; if your burners are lit by high voltage spark, the oven will use either that or a 'surface igniter' to turn on the oven. Even though
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To light an RV Oven, Clean the RV oven before lighting it, Turn the gas on that flows to the oven, Push the pilot light's control as you grasp a lit match exact ...
If the oven has the auto pilot light, just punch the button that says oven, choose the temperature and you are done. If no auto pilot light, with lit match in ...
A pilot light is a tiny flame produced by gas which is kept burning so that it can work as an ignition supply for a more potent gas burner. To clean a pilot light ...
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