How do you troubleshoot a gas stove oven that won't light?


If a gas stove does not light, confirm that it is plugged in and that the gas valve is turned on. Next, check whether or not the oven igniter is glowing. An igniter that glows for 90 seconds or longer without igniting a gas flame is most likely faulty. On the other hand, an igniter that does not glow indicates that there is no power to the igniter circuit.

To confirm whether the oven is getting power, open the oven door; the oven light should come on. Further troubleshooting of power-related problems in gas stove ovens may include live voltage checks, which must be done by a professional. Next, check whether the oven is displaying an error code, which could indicate a problem with the temperature sensor located on the inside of the oven near the top of the rear wall. If it is an older oven model, measure the resistance of the sensor with a multimeter, and compare it to the correct resistance of the sensor at room temperature. Also, ensure that the mechanical timer is in manual mode.

An oven igniter that is suspected to be faulty must be replaced, even if it is glowing, as it is probably too weak to open the safety valve and release gas. A professional can test the igniter with an amp meter to confirm whether or not it is defective.

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