How do you turn a glass oven off?


If your gas oven won't turn on, first check to make sure the gas valve supplying the oven is set to the open position. If this is not the problem, you may need to reset the main gas valve at the tank. If this also fails, call a repairman or maintenance person for assistance.
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1. Use the dial on the front of your oven to turn it off by turning the dial to the "Off" position. 2. Press the "Off" button on the electronic keypad if you have
It may be setup for propane or natural gas and you are supplying the wrong gas through the Oriphis.
Maybe the pilot light is off. I don't know what kind of oven you have - the brand name means nothing to me. If it IS the pilot light, you'll just need matches or one of those long-neck
Check Your Fuses: Few cars have a fuse associated with the starting...'...
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