What were gas prices in the 1960s?


The average cost of a gallon of gas during the 1960s was 31 cents. In 1960, the cost of gas was 25 cents per gallon, but it rose to 35 cents per gallon by 1969.

A new car cost $2,600 in 1960 on average and rose to $3,270 on average by 1969. The cost of a gallon of milk in the 1960s was 49 cents on average. A new home in 1960 on average cost $12,700, and the cost rose to $15,500 on average by 1969. Minimum wage was $1 an hour, unemployment was at 5.5 percent on average, and a first-class stamp cost only 4 cents.

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How are gas prices determined? Sometimes, it might seem as if only a few people are pulling the strings. However, the pricing of gas depends on many factors, including supply and
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