Gas Smell in Engine Oil?


If you smell gas in your engine oil, it can be a sign of a number of problems. Some of these can be serious, so you need to find the cause as quickly as possible. The problem can be caused by cold weather preventing the excess fuel to not be burned or some engine problems. Engine problems will need to be diagnosed by a mechanic. The one quick fix you can do until then when you smell gas in your engine oil is to change the oil right away.
Q&A Related to "Gas Smell in Engine Oil?"
You may need to have your engine compression tested. To make sure it's not mixing your oil and coolant together. This will be a sign of a bad head or bad head gasket.
The piston rings are seals placed tightly against the cylinder walls. These piston ring seals prevent the gasoline from flowing past the pistons and down into the oil. They do not
Gas in oil would mean your intake gasket is blown in
Sounds like you got a cylinder missing and causing raw fuel to be dumped into the cylinder. As the car either cycles to motor it could force the fuel into the oil, or, when the car
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