What gas station has gasoline without ethanol?


There are many gas stations in the United States and Canada that sell ethanol-free gasoline. Ethanol-free gasoline is universal in Alaska, and certain grades of gasoline in several Canadian provinces are ethanol-free.

According to the website pure-gas, as of April 2014 there are 7,833 gas stations in the United States and Canada that sell ethanol-free gasoline. They maintain a database of each gas station in one's state and local area to help people find ethanol-free gasoline. In several areas, including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, premium gasoline is ethanol-free. Shell sells ethanol-free gasoline in Ontario and Quebec, and Esso 91 is also ethanol-free.

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Due to state and federal government tax breaks it is almost impossible to find gas with out ethanol added. Your best bet would be to call your local stations, ask for a manager and
1. Go to a website that has a list of gas stations that reportedly sell ethanol-free gasoline, such as Pure-Gas or Buy Real Gas. 2. Look through the list of states available and use
Most states require if gas has ethanol that a sign be posted on the pump with the maximum perecentage in the gas, In Michigan this is so. Check in your state and it may be so also
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