How to Start a Gas Trimmer.?


1. Fill the trimmer with gasoline and oil following the instructions in the trimmer's owner's manual. 2. Place the trimmer on firm ground, with both the motor and the trimmer head touching the ground. 3. Move the "On/Off" switch to the "On" position.
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What I have done in the past when I sharpened mine is first separate the two blade sections. Then I just took my Dremel tool with one of the sanding drums and sharpened the blades
1. Make sure that the gas tank on the trimmer is full before assuming it's not working properly. Make sure that the gas tank on the. trimmer. is full before assuming it's not working
Toro and Black & Decker are great brands. I have a Toro Mower and Snow Blower. I have a Black & Decker Weed Whacker/ Edger and Leaf Blower. Both my leaf blower
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Gas trimmers are one of the handiest tools to own, especially if your lawn has many trees and flower beds to trim around. Before gas trimmers became available, ...
1. Shut the trimmer off and place the Craftsman gas trimmer on a flat surface. Remove the lead that goes to the spark plug from the engine. This eliminates possible ...
The Toro gas trimmer has a clean-burning, full-crank engine and great attachment options. It does not vibrate and so keeps the emissions low. The trimmer can also ...
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