Gateway Laptop Overheating?


Gateway laptops overheat when dust and dirt accumulate on the ventilators small holes. To fix an overheating gateway laptop, check the gateway's PC health status, open up the laptop to fix the fan, free the fan of dust and finally disassemble and clean up the clogged air vents.
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1. Evaluate symptoms of an overheating issue. The most obvious symptom is that the laptop wrist area is abnormally hot to the touch. The dreaded "blue screen of death" for
They can range from $280 to $1000.
It likely has a lot of dust built up in it. The 100% certain way to remove it is to open it up (needs PH00 screwdriver or a similarly fine-1.5mm slot screwdriver) A very thin, sharp
1. Ensure that the DVD drive does not have a disk in it. Shut down the laptop and turn it off. Disconnect the AC adapter and all other cables. 2. Flip the laptop over so that it is
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About Gateway Laptop Overheating
Certain Gateway laptops, as well as other brands, have an infamous reputation for overheating and abruptly shutting down. This can be frustrating and highly problematic, especially if you are in the middle of creating an important document or winning a... More »
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