How Often to Change the Water Filter in a GE Refrigerator?


You should change the water filter in a GE refrigerator at least every 6 months. Many GE refrigerators have a filter indicator light or icon on the display panel that notifies users when the filter should be changed.
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1. Locate the filter for your GE Profile. In most GE models, this is located at the back in the upper right corner of the refrigerator inside. 2. Turn the filter counterclockwise
A water filter for a GE refrigerator can be obtained via any retailer that sells GE refrigerators. If one likes to shop online, one can obtain a water filter via the auction website
they don't come with one; an inline filter should installed when the water line is connected.
Looks like your manual can be found here gsh25sgpc ss Looks like there are a few different options when replacing the GE water filter. The OEM replacement filter is GE MWF Refrigerator
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The best thing to do when water won't dispense on a GE refrigerator is change the filter. You should also check the water lines on the back of the refrigerator ...
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To change the filter on a Samsung refrigerator one should first shut off the water valve on the refrigerator. Turn the valve left anti clock wise to remove it ...
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