How do I change the GE Spacemaker microwave light bulb?


GE Spacemaker microwave light bulb is the lighting system installed in a microwave to display the contents of the microwave. You need to first disconect the power by unplugging the microwave. Then remove the cover that is located at the bottom left side of the microwave. Pull the bulb out of the socket gentley and insert a new bulb in its place. Screw back the cover and plug in the microwave.
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Things You'll Need. Replacement light bulb. Phillips screwdriver. Cooktop Light. Shut off the power to the microwave by unplugging it, or by turning off the appropriate breaker in
Changing a bulb in a GE Spacemaker microwave is very easy to do. First unplug the microwave, then locate the panel, unscrew the screw and take out the bulb. The bulbs can be purchased
You can download GE owner's manuals and installation instructions here. You can find handy exploded views and order parts by model number here. We're happy to help you with free advice
First of all, I would not recommend you to try this at home without knowing very, very well what you are up to - there is a. very real danger. of overheating the microwave with associated
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How to Change a Light Bulb in a GE Spacemaker Microwave
GE Spacemaker microwave ovens have a light on the bottom to illuminate the cooktop below, as well as an internal light that illuminates the cooking compartment. The cooking light turns on whenever the door is opened and when the microwave is in use.... More »
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