How to Troubleshoot a GE Water Softener?


GE makes many models of water softeners. To start to troubleshoot the water softener, you need to know what the problem is with it. If the problem is during the brining process, that might narrow down the cause. Two common reasons for those problems are the disc and gasket. Both or either one could need to be replaced.
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1. Lift the lid on top of the water softener and locate the brine well. This is a tube that sticks out above the salt line. 2. Mix 1 cup of resin bed cleaner and 1/2 gallon of cold
The GE water softener can be bought for new at a local Home Depot. You can also purchase one at Sam's Club. There are even some in classifieds you can purchase used through a private
1. Test the hardness of your home’s water using a test kit to determine the grain capacity you need in a water softener. After finding out the measure of water hardness in parts
1. Recharge the MacClean water softener. Check the salt level and bring it up to under halfway by adding more salt. Press the "recharge" button to reset the salt level and
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