How to Reuse Gel Window Clings?


To reuse gel window clings, they will need to be stored inside of a zip lock bag. They can be used over and over again. These are great on windows and tiles.
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1. Remove the gel clings from the window carefully to avoid ripping them. 2. Rinse the gel clings under warm water to remove any dust or dirt from the window. 3. Place the gel clings
Place picture under clear plastic sheet, then trace design using tube of liquid
I have always placed them on wax paper and then in a zip lock bag. You may not need the was paper at all; just place in zip lock bag and get as much as air as possible out of it.
static electricity.
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How to Make Window Gel Clings
Window gel clings are reusable, flexible decorations that stick when pressed onto a glass surface. They can replicate stained glass or decorate windows for seasons and holidays. Making your own window gel clings allows you to use your creativity to... More »
Difficulty: Easy
Gel Window clings make a fun decoration for windows. They are easy to work with and they come in many different shapes and styles. The colors for these window clings are vibrant and when the sun shines through them they appear to glow. The clings stick to the window easily and do not fall off or peel up. They are easy to remove when you are done with them. Prices for these will vary, they are inexpensive to purchase.
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