How do I send a formal complaint to General Motors?


General Motors is a manufacturer of automobiles. You can send a formal complaint to GM by writing them at PO Box 33170, Detroit, MI 48232-5170.
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1. Write out a formal complaint on word-processing software. This can be done with any software such as Corel Wordperfect, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works. The complaint must include
You may contact GMAC Financial Services for questions and
800-222-1020. It is Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center. If you tell them you are having a problem with the dealership, they will contact the factory rep and get him/her involved
General Motors filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday, a move astonishing the world and raising serious questions about the failure of the once-dominant automaker. Besides its
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TD Insurance notes that at-fault accidents generally stay on a person's driving record for between six and ten years. The California Department of Motor Vehicles ...
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