General Zaroff Character?


The General Zaroff character is a character from the book The Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Connell. General Zaroff is an expatriate Russian Cossack who lives on ShipTrap Island. He hunts men for enjoyment. In fact, he has a weird desire to inflict suffering, pain, and death for his own amusement. In some ways, he considers himself to be God like, and a man who can end life as he pleases. His madness comes from a life of luxury, wealth, and militarism, which has inflated his ego and his sense of entitlement.
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"Rainsford surprises Zaroff in his bedroom. Rainsford refuses to end the game there, however, and kills Zaroff. Rainsford then spends a comfortable night in Zaroff's bed, which
they way he looks acts and talks to others.
General Zaroff is the antagonist character in the short story, "The Most Dangerous Game"
You will find out when you read the story. If you've lost your copy, here's an on-line version for you:….
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