George Washington Dollar Coin?


The plain edge George Washington dollar coin wholesale price is $75-$100. Coins that have the standard edge die are currently worth their face value.
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As legal tender, the George Washington dollar coin is worth exactly $1. However, since their manufacture has ceased, they have collectible status, and the unofficial value has gone
George Washington on the Dollar Bill. The familiar face of George Washington appears on the front of the U.S. dollar note and has since 1869 when his portrait was first used. The
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It is rare in the sense that it is a Presidential Dollar Coin and was made as an honor to a president. It is a coin that is not made for public consumption.
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George Washington is the president who appears on the one-dollar bill, as well as on the quarter dollar coin. George Washington is remembered for having been a ...
If it has the same picture on both sides, it's a token handed out years ago as part of an advertising promotion. Millions were made and there's very little collector ...
There is no real recorded reason why George Washington's painting by Gilbert Stuart was put on the one dollar bill in 1869 along with Christopher Columbus. You ...
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