Georgia Colony Culture?


The culture of the Georgia colony was comprised of a subculture of the Southern United States and that of African slaves and Native Americans. The Georgia colony was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe and it began with the intention of little landholding and having no slavery.
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English and Protestant
Georgia was one of the 13 colonies. The states name was the Province of Georgia from 1732 to 1777. The colony was formed by James Oglethorpe. You can find more information here:
An English prison reformer, James Edward Oglethrope, sought to establish a place in the New World (North America) to allow debtors released from prison a means to begin a new life
Georgia was named after King George II, ruler of the British Empire at the time.
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Georgia Colony's natural resources were forests, wild animals and fertile soil. The Europeans took advantage of these natural resources in order to create industry ...
Winters in colonial Georgia were mild, but the hot and humid summers bred diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever. The warm weather and fertile soil supported ...
Some facts about the Georgia colony are: it was founded in 1732. It was named after King George II of England. It was started to block Spanish expansion into North ...
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