Georgia State Tax Return?


You can find locate the status of your Georgia state tax return on the Georgia Department of Revenue website. You'll need to know your Social Security Number or ITIN. You'll also be asked for your expected refund amount and the tax year for which you are requesting.
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Georgia Department of Revenue
State income tax is imposed at a fixed or graduated rate on the taxable income of individuals, corporations, and certain estates and trusts. There are no personal state income taxes in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. New Hampshire and Tennessee tax income from dividends and interest only. More>>
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Great question. The Internal Revenue Service has set up a page on their website to help you find out exactly where your state income tax refund is. Go to
1. Complete the correct Georgia income tax return form that your tax situation calls for. Find your tax forms on the Georgia Department of Revenue website or any Georgia post office
I filed my Georgia State taxes with my Federal taxes on February 26, 2009. I received my refund , direct deposit, on March 6. I have not received my Georgia State Tax refund, in the
1. Gather the deceased's financial records for the year. As with any income tax return, you will need W-2s and other income information as well as proof of allowable deductions. 2
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You should receive your Georgia State Tax return 6-8 weeks after filing if you filed a paper return or 2 weeks after filing if you filed electronically. The number ...
The best way to track a Georgia tax return is to check the state of Georgia's Department of Revenue website. It will let you know when you should expect your refund ...
Each year, in the beginning of the year, anyone who earned money has to file income tax returns. There are two types of returns that everyone has to file. The ...
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