Georgia Teenage Curfew Laws?


The teenage curfew laws in Georgia is that you are in violation of the curfew law if you are out after 12 AM and are a minor. On a weeknight, the curfew law is 11 PM. It is a minor offense.
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12 am week ends 11 pm weeknights, obviously just don't be blatantly loitering and nothing will probably happen. we should have a little bit longer when we go to parties and things
Curfews are important to keep minors off the street and reduce loitering and crime. Many cities and states enforce these laws as a way to prevent illegal activities or distractions,
In Georgia if you are a minor and out after 12 am on the weekend or 11pm on a weeknight's-c...
Curfew laws in New York apply to individuals 17 years of age, and younger.…. Your Dad is in charge of the house. You should respect
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