How do you find Gerber baby photo contests?


Gerber baby photo contests are found in Parenting Magazine as well as at Gerber's college plan website. It is possible to enter the photo contest online or by sending an application and photo via U.S. mail. To enter the photo contest online, contestants are required to fill out an online application and upload their baby photos. Gerber photo contest winners enjoy cash prizes and various gifts.

Gerber baby photo contest judges choose one winner per year, and the company offers multiple tips for contestants with regard to choosing the best photo. Gerber recommends close up facial shots in which the baby is looking directly at the camera with a minimal background. Gerber also suggests that parents submit photos with only one child per photo as opposed to family photos or photos with multiple siblings.

Contest prizes include modeling work, college education money, travel and a meeting with a top baby modeling agency. Prizes vary per contest, so it is important for contestants to verify the specific prizes offered when entering the contest. Additionally, every contestant receives a special prize for entering as well as monthly entries for various giveaways and contests. Gerber notifies winners via email and postal mail and also announces the winners on the Gerber website.

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