What were the markings for German china?


The International Ceramics Directory (ICD) hosts an entire and authoritative database for identifying German china marks. The resource is free to the public and allows interested individuals to pinpoint German china marks by artisan, region, and date. Establishing German china marks is the first step in obtaining an appraisal of value on the items.
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1. Visit your local library or bookstore. It may be difficult to find a guide specifically for German china. Instead, look for guides on collecting or identifying European china,
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How to Find German China by Markings
The bottom of a piece of German china holds a lot of useful information. Here, manufacturer’s marks are impressed, printed, or painted. When deciphered, these marks can reveal many things, including the piece’s maker, place of origin, date of... More »
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The markings on gernman/bavarian china can be found on the bottom of each peice, there are several German porcelain factories over the course of time and a variety of different symbols. In order to find German china you must become familiar with said markings. Porcelain marks and more is a reliable source to learn such symbols.
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