How to Cut Paper without Scissors?


Hold the paper you want to cut on a flat exterior, right side up. Fold the paper accurately where you anticipate making the cut. Use the regulator of the ruler to press down along each separate fold, running it along the length of said fold. Dip your finger into some water and run it along the verge of the fold to lightly reduce it. Examples of German paper art include complex paper Valentines and single-fold rebus plans.
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1. Hold the paper you want to cut on a flat surface, right side up. Determine exactly where you would like to make your cut it before you begin anything-once you start cutting, there's
1 Fold the paper where you want to cut it. For example, all the edges around a picture, or just down one side of a page etc. Make sure you crease it well by folding it first one way
Scissors have two sharp blades and when you put paper in between the blades and press down, the blades cut the thin piece of paper.
"Felsen, Papier, Scheren, is the German translation of the English words,
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