German Shepard Beagle Mix?


There is no special name that you call a German Shepard (Shepherd) and Beagle mix. A mixed breed of German Shepherd and Beagle is less likely to have the hip problems common to German Shepherds. Did you know that a Beagle and Boxer mix is called Bogle?
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The German Shepard and Beagle mix do not appear to have different
The US seems to think it's the German shepherd because they're more popular here than the beagle, but it's purely opinion. (I think it's the GSD.
No way to predict because it's not a purebred. Best guess is that it will be no larger than a GSD, no smaller than a Beagle . probably a medium-to-large dog once it's fully grown.
Good names for a male German Shepherd / Wolf are: Baron, Einstein, Deutschmark, Achilles, Blaine, Bullet, Chief, Jedi, Loki, Helmar, and Kaiser.
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