German Shepherd Husky Mix?


A German Shepherd Husky mix is known as a Gerberian Shepsky. This mix of breeds yields dogs who can have the dominate traits of either breed. German Shepherd Husky mixed dogs almost appear wolf like. This can confuse many people. Their coat is still long and they shed in the summer and winter months. The color of their coat can range from white, grey, brown, tan, and black mixtures. These mixes may retain the dominant eyes color of blue that Huskies are known for.
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A Gerberian shepsky.
The average German Shepherd Siberian Husky mix breed dog lives
1. The white German shepherd's coat will be completely white. The Siberian husky's coat is usually two-toned. Common combinations include white and black, white and red, and white
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A Gerberian shepsky. ...
A Gerberian shepsky. ...
A German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix is called a Gerberian Shepsky. The mix also has yellow eyes. The dog should be taken care of like any other breed of dog. ...
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