Germination in Mustard Seeds?


Germination of mustard seeds depends on proper conditions. It loves moist, rich and well-drained soil with pH no less than 6.0. It can grow even in cool weather. Just sow at 1/8 inch deep and 15 inches apart.
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If you start mustard seeds in containers, use quality potting mix as the growing medium. Scatter a handful of seeds over the surface and cover lightly with additional potting mix
1. Fill the small pots or tray openings two-thirds full with loose soil. 2. Remove the "helicopter" part (the tan, dried, leaf-like cover over the seed) from the seed. Throw
1. Lay a 4-inch layer of compost over the planting area, then apply a low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus fertilizer at the label-recommended rate. Till the compost and fertilizer into
1. Calculate the date 10 to 12 weeks before the anticipated final frost in your area. Your local extension office or the National Climatic Data Center (see Resources) can provide
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How to Germinate Mustard Seeds
Mustard (*Brassica spp.*) is a cool-season crop in the cabbage family (*Cruciferae spp.*). While the tender young leaves are harvested as a vegetable and salad green, the seeds are used as spice. Mustard seed is used in various world cuisines to lend... More »
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