Gestation Period for Whitetail Deer?


The gestation period for whitetail deer is around 7 months. The deer have one or two babies at a time. When the fawns are born, the mother hides them for around 2 weeks to protect them. The deer usually begin mating when they are 2 years of age, but can mate earlier.
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White tailed deer have a gestation period of about 200
5 months.
The most often given response is 200 to 205 days. However, some deer ranches give times up to 230 days. This extra time may be because of an error in calculation. Deer that miss being
The breeding season of a spotted deer takes place from November to December and a 240 day gestation period follows, with births in May and June.
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200-205 days. Most fawns are born in late May or early June. ...
White-tailed deer will give birth after a gestation period of approximately two-hundred days. The deer will typically give birth to one or two young at a time. ...
There are several phases for the whitetail deer rut period and different dates for each phase. The pre-rut phase occurs on October 18-November 2nd and it when ...
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