How do I get rid of mothball smell?


One way to get rid of mothball smell is to use activated charcoal. You can buy granular charcoal in bulk. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is also good for getting rid of unwanted smells.
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The traditional ingredient in mothballs is naphthalene, a compound that can cause serious health problems, especially for children. More recent mothball formulations replace naphthalene
1 Mix the white vinegar and lemon juice together in a bowl. Ad 2 Dip a soft cloth or a soft cleaning brush into the mixture. 3 Scrub the area that smells of mothballs. 4 Repeat until
I think if you put some lilac where the smell is, it might take it out. But I'm not sure. Actually, there are several good ways to remove the odor. First and least expensive, if available
boxes of baking soda.leave it in there.i have a 1923 suitcase i got at a yardsale and it stunk.i still have that first baggie of baking soda in there i store candles in smells
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How to Get Rid of Mothball Smell
The purpose of mothballs is controlling clothes-eating moths, but some people use them to control other pests, including rodents, snakes and other insects. One end result is a lingering odor that's as bad for you as it smells. There’s no magic... More »
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