How do you get cat urine out of carpet?


Cat urine can be removed from carpet using vinegar, baking soda, enzyme cleaner or hydrogen peroxide, according to Animal Planet. An extraction cleaner may be used to remove excess moisture and odor.

Animal Planet states that removing both the stain and the odor of the cat urine discourages the cat from returning to the spot. Arm and Hammer recommends pouring a mixture of half water and half vinegar over the area and allowing the mixture to dry. Follow the vinegar and water treatment by scrubbing the carpet with a mixture of one part dish detergent to four parts hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the detergent and peroxide from the carpet and allow the carpet to dry. Repeat the cleaning process as needed to completely remove stains and odor.

Commercial cleaning products are also an option to clean cat urine. If commercial cleaning products are used, Animal Planet recommends opting for an enzyme based cleaner. Spray the area thoroughly with the enzyme cleaner, then blot excess moisture with dry paper towels.

An extraction cleaner can be used after cleaning the area with homemade or enzyme based cleaners. Pet Finder states that it is necessary to use a deodorizing product, such as baking soda, in addition to using an extraction cleaner. Baking soda will also absorb excess moisture and odor. Vacuum the baking soda, then finish cleaning the stain with an extraction cleaner that is filled with cool water.

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