How can you get married in court?


Getting married in court requires a marriage license and a judge. The judge is also known as the Justice of the Peace. Certain judges with county courthouses only perform marriages. The marriage may need to be scheduled based on the availability of the judge. In most instances, two witnesses are needed at the wedding. The witnesses do not have to be relatives, but can be friends or acquaintances. Once married by the judge, the judge and witnesses sign the marriage license and it is filed in the clerks office.
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1. Present a residence visa. If the legal guardian of the wife is escorting her, then only the future husband needs to have a resident visa. This will be sufficient to fill this requirement
1 Go to your local courthouse and register for a marriage license. This will require a small fee that varies from state to state (for example Nebraska's is $15). If you plan to marry
Hello Friend, the above question will generate different answers because it is a bit general. Court room marriages is subject to the country, province/state & at times city laws
Unfortunately, these issues are not cut and dry. Alimony laws vary from state to state, so you'll need to discuss alimony with your lawyer during the divorce proceedings. There are
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