Getting Rid of a Perm?


There are several ways to get rid of a perm. The first way only works if you have gotten a perm in the last couple of hours. Use a deep cleaning shampoo on your hair. This may take some of the chemicals out of your hair. Another way is to be your hair straightened or relaxed by your hairdresser. Be sure to note that this another chemical process which can damage your hair further.
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1. Condition hair almost immediately after receiving a perm if you do not like the results and your hair is too curly or frizzy. Use a thick and creamy conditioner and comb it through
Well You're pretty much stuck with it for a few months. You can get it chemically straightened, but it's really bad for your hair. I used to wash blow dry n straighten my hair at
I did this once... put on another perm.. just combed it straight through and left it on as long as it was supposed to be. I kept combing through for time needed. Did get rid of the
1 Use a good deep conditioner. A deep conditioner will hydrate your permed hair, decrease frizziness, and make the perm look a bit better. [2] Ad 2 Apply waving lotion to straighten
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Getting Rid of a Perm
If a perm is too curly, get rid of the perm by shampooing the hair, applying a heavy conditioner and using a chemical straightener. Discover how hair salons can get rid of perms with this free video from an experienced hairdresser.... More »
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