How do you get rid of big calves?


Large calves may be hereditary, or be caused by poor eating habits and/or lack of exercise. To reduce calf size, some lifestyle changes may help. You should avoid walking too much in high heels, and avoid standing for too long. Cardio exercises followed by stretching and massaging the calves may also help. Low level weights only should be used on calf exercises.
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1. Do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a week. Good exercises are swimming, cycling and arm cycling. Distance running can be a good general fat-burning exercise, but
The only way to get rid of body fat, including on the thighs, is by burning calories. You can do this by engaging in cardiovascular exercises like jogging or aerobics.
too bad you didn't post a photo for comment. your legs might be more attractive with the large calves than they would be if they were smaller. so many women have absolutely no calf
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