Getting Rid of METH Sores?


The method most recommended by doctors for getting rid of meth sores is a through cleaning of body with hot water. The hot water should be as hot as one can stand. Sores should be washed with a mild soap and left to air dry. Covering the sores will inhibit bacterial growth and cause the sores to spread. Meth sores are caused by the heavy abuse of methamphetamine. Persons who are coming down off a meth high may develop the sores. The sores are a way the body releases the meth toxins.
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METH sores are oozing, open wounds on the body. They often look like open herpes sores. Meth users became hyperactive and sometime spick at themselves, making ...
To heal meth sores, first get off meth. Eat a balanced diet, and maintain normal hygiene. Meth sores are caused by a combination of factors, beginning with interference ...
Smoking crystal meth will cause little white tongue sores to pop up. It is caused by the combination of chemicals that are put together to make this highly addictive ...
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