Getting Wrinkles out of Silk?


To get wrinkles out of silk you can use an iron. Getting the iron directly on the silk can damage it. Use a thin cloth over the silk and set the iron on the lowest setting. Then run the iron over the cloth to get out the wrinkles.
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1. Use an iron and a cloth to get wrinkles out of silk. It's risky to touch the iron directly to your silk clothing, even if your iron has a "silk" setting. Place your silk
Other than ironing them yourself the only other things that come to mind is calling a dry cleaner and asking if they iron things or looking in the phone book or in the classifieds
Hanging your garment in the bathroom while you shower should remove
The first thing to know about trying to remove wrinkles from leather is be careful. Do not wet it all all, that will make it worse. First, try hanging the item for a few days and
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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk
Silk is a fabric that is used to make all types of clothing items, such as shirts, dresses and even ties. Getting wrinkles out of silk can be somewhat challenging due to the delicate nature of the fabric. If you're not careful, you could damage and ruin... More »
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First you will want to hang the fabric on a hangar if possible. It will lessen the wrinkles. after about 15 minutes or so, turn it inside out and place it on a ...
When an article of silk clothing gets wrinkled, you have to take care to remove the wrinkles without ruining the fabric. It is best to not use an iron directly ...
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