What is a G.I. cocktail?


A G.I. cocktail is a generic term for medication that is generally given for the treatment of dyspepsia is typically a combination of antacid, lidocaine and anticholinergic mixed in equal parts. Soldiers would rather have the G.I. cocktail than a single drug, because the effects of relief last longer with the cocktail because of their different methods of release for their active ingredients.
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a slurry of medications to relieve intestinal disruption. They're a
something really really gross that drs give you. i had to drink it when i was at the hospital and dehydrated from throwing up, it helps settle your stomach i believe.
In emergency medicine, a gastrointestinal cocktail , known as a GI cocktail , is a generic term for a mixture of liquid antacid, viscous lidocaine, and an More?
Suzanne, I certainly don't want to provide misleading information. As many may already know, I lean towards Medicare guidelines and regs. Many other carriers do tend to follow their
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