Giant Panda Bear Food Chain?


The giant panda bear food chain shows which species or plants the giant panda eats. It also shows predators for the giant panda bear. The diet of a giant panda bear consists mainly of bamboo. It strips the bamboo to reach the inner layers. The giant pandas eat as much as 84 pounds of bamboo each day because of the low nutritional value that is found in the bamboo. The giant panda is classified as endangered so it can not be killed by humans, which are considered the top of the food chain. It does have many predators that it falls prey to, such as leopards.
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Giant Pandas eat bamboo. Giant Pandas have no natural predators besides humans, although leopards have been known to prey on young cubs.
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Even though a panda bear is classified as a carnivore or meat eater, it's diet is primarily made up of bamboo. This is actually a very bad diet for him or her and it's changed his
Giant Pandas are high in the food chain because of two reasons: loss of habitat and
Giant pandas are herbivores. Their main source of food is a type of grass called bamboo. The bamboo is called a "producer" - it uses photosynthesis to produce its own food
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The Giant Panda is a bear but it eats mostly bamboo. It is an endangered species. Males weight around 330 pounds and females up to 275 pounds. ...
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