Gifts from Godparents?


In many Christian denominations a godparent is the person who takes care of a child's personal development and general upbringing. Some of the gifts that a godparent can give to a child include engraved picture frames, engraved bible and rosary bracelets.
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Buy a picture frame to include a picture of the godparent and the child. There are frames available that have "godparent" on them. Some picture frames also come with a Bible
The Godparents can give a gift at the wedding reception on monetary value or ask the parents of the Godchild what they may need. It is quite appropriate to give what you can afford
Something as simple as a Godparents plaque or nick-nack would suffice. The most important thing you could give them is your time. Source(s) I am a Godparent.
You can check out for Godparent gift ideas or you can check
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Some of the gifts one can receive from grandparents are a personalised fire engine moneybox, whimsical church godson mugs and the Wedgwood London bear music box. ...
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