Gin Soaked Raisin Recipe?


To make a gin soaked raisin recipe, place 2 cups of raisin in a cup of gin. Use gin made of juniper berries. Let the raisins sit for a week to absorb the gin. This is a great arthritis pain reliever.
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1. Ensure that you have the correct ingredients for your gin soaked raisin recipe. Arthritic pain relief comes from the combination of these two specific ingredients: golden raisins
first u get a 1/2 cup of rum and a cup of raisins and put them in a jar together and leave them in there for a week and then strain them and there u have rum soaked raisins oh and
I've never heard of soaking raisins in gin.however, soaking them in RUM gives a great flavor. Rum soaked raisins can be added to baked breads, muffins, and cookies. They may be added
There are numerous home remedies for cures of serious ailments. One of these home remedies is the cure for arthritis which includes Gin-soaked raisins. The claim is that raisins that
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