Give an Example of Commensalism?


Commensalism is the relationship shared between two or more organisms in which one does not harm the other in any manner. Some examples of commensalism is a been that extracts pollens from flowers to make honey. The flower in turn is cross pollinated with other plants and vegetation by the pollens carried to it by the bee.
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One great example of commensalism is the small species of crab that makes its home in an oyster's shell. It receives shelter, and grabs food particles that come by, but doesn't harm
Commensalism the relation between two different kinds of organisms when
The barren ground caribou and the arctic fox have a commensalistic relationship. The fox follows the caribou who removes the snow covering to get at lichens under the soil. The fox
The answer implying that the bacteria within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract consume the food while also producing vitamins we need, is incorrect in this context, as this would be
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Commensalism is a relationship between different organisms or species where one benefits but the other is not affected. For example, if a shark attaches itself ...
Commensalism is seen in the animal kingdom where one animal benefits from another without affecting it. One example of Commensalism is cow birds and cattle. The ...
An example of commensalism is the epiphyte on the tree branches where orchids are supported by these trees. We also have bacteria's that live in human intestines ...
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