Give Examples of Go Grow and Glow Foods?


Some examples of Go Grow and Glow foods include vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Other foods included in this table are legumes or beans, lean meats like fish and chicken, and fruits. Whole grains are also considered to be Go Grow and Glow foods.
Q&A Related to "Give Examples of Go Grow and Glow Foods?"
Go= carbohydrates. Grow=protein. Glow=vitamins and minerals.
Foods are divided into categories based on the benefits they provide. Foods that make you go and give you energy, foods that make your skin, hair, and eyes glow and provide vitamins
Go foods are carbohydrates and give you energy eg cerals Glow foods are rich in vitimans such as fruits and veges that give you healthy hair, eyes, skin and immune system Grow foods
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