Give Me an Example of Abiotic?


An abiotic component is a term used for ecology and biology. A person who wants to give an example of an abiotic can use non-living factors in an environment that are chemical or physical. For instance, an abiotic in a forest would be lighting, shelter, water, and the temperature. The abiotic components affect each environment in a different way. If there is too little sunlight in the forest, the trees and animals may suffer because of it. When the water supply suffers, so do the living organisms in the environment. If the shelter or temperature change drastically, more suffering is caused to plants and animals.
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to be precise................... Abiotic is NON-LIVING, and biotic is
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Life itself is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have self-sustaining processes (biotic) from those that do not (abiotic). Living organisms undergo metabolism, maintain
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The term abiotic refers to the non-living things in the environment. It is characterized by the absence of life or living organisms. Light, temperature, wind patterns ...
Examples of abiotic factors of the ocean include the tides, sunlight, water pressure, salinity, sand, and rocks. Biotic factors in the oceans are the living organisms ...
An abiotic factor refers to non-living variable in the ecosystem that affects the life of organisms. Environmental factors such as habitats, for example, a lake, ...
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