Give Me an Example of Bandwagon?


The literal meaning of the word bandwagon is a wagon used for carrying a bank during a procession or a parade. The phrase has become a way of saying someone has joined a school of thought or a movement that is growing in popularity. It is usually used to imply that the bandwagon is the majority opinion, therefore it must be correct or valid. An example to give someone an idea of how this phrase is used could be a sentence saying, ?When will all the networks stop jumping on the reality TV bandwagon??
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A bandwagon propaganda is saying that everyone is doing it, and so should you.
The bandwagon effect is an observed social behavior in which people tend to go along
1. Attach a weight to one end of the spring, and attach the other end to a hook mounted on a wall. Stretch the hook downward and then release it. Observe as it bounces up and down
You could care less about a team until they start winning, then "jump on the bandwagon" and pretend like youve been supporting them the whole time. An example? MC
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