Give Me Some Suggestions for Email Addresses?


When it comes to choosing an email addresses, you need to think about what the address will be used for. For business purposes, it is a good idea to keep the name professional. If you are setting up an email account for your own business, or to promote a business, it is common to include the name or the function of the business in your address. For personal use, you can have a lot more fun when choosing an address. To give some suggestions, use your name either first name and last name, or any variation of the name, such as initials. The location could also be added to the email address. Another idea would be to use the name or lyrics from a favorite song.
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1. Click "New Email" at the top, left corner of the Microsoft Outlook window. 2. Start typing an email address into the "To" box in the "New Email" window
Fan mail address: Kid Rock, Creative Artists Agency, 2000
I believe in the near future, this FY year, perhaps. This email address is intended by Facebook for delivering one stop User Interface for their members so they don't need another
it depends what you like. (for girls obviously) i like these sites but there not chat rooms or virtual worlds. hope
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