How Much Gravol Can You Give a Dog?


How much Grovel you can give to a dog depends on the dog's weight. For a dog that is smaller than 25 pounds, you can give 25mg. For a dog that is 25 pounds or more, you can give them 50mg.
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can dogs have gravol.
Go to your vet and get some capstar it will kill the fleas really quickly and then u can resume normal flea treatments which are once a month. I guess the better question is why you
If you truly can no longer keep your dog, try hard to find the best possible place for him. Ask your friends and relatives to take him. If they can't post a notice for a free dog,
1. Consult your veterinarian by appointment or by telephone. Most veterinarians will advise you over the telephone regarding the proper decongestant for your dog if she has no other
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